DOE Awards American Battery Metal Corp (ABML) With $2.2 Million in Funding

Topic 1, Area of Interest 2: Improved Beneficiation, Separation and/or Processing

  • PUREgraphite LLC; High Efficiency Continuous Graphitization Furnace Technology for Lithium-Ion Battery Synthetic Graphite Material
    Partners: Harper International, Phillips66
    DOE funding: $5,577,738; cost share: $5,925,475; Total costs: $11,503,213

  • American Battery Metals Corporation; Field Demonstration of Selective Leaching, Targeted Purification, and Electro-Chemical Production of Battery Grade Lithium Hydroxide Precursor from Domestic Claystone Resources
    Partners: American Lithium Corporation, DuPont Water Solutions
    DOE funding: $2,272,112; costs share: $2,272,112; Total costs: $4,544,224

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